Batteri Konverter USB-Opladning Adapter WA4009 for worx liion 20v batteri WX390/WX176/WX678/Wu278/WG329/WG169E/WX372/WX523/WU268/
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kan gøre din 20v li-ion worx batteri som en power bank til at oplade telefoner...For WX390/WX176/WX678/Wu278/WG329/WG169E/WX372/WX523/WU268/WG894E/WG259E

  • Bruger: Standard Batteri
  • Output Interface: USB-Udgang
  • Pakke: Ja
  • Intelligent Opladning: Ja
  • Hurtig opladning: Ja
  • Mærke: Vividjuler
  • Skærm: Ja
  • Model-Nummer: 60-1
  • Type: USB

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All the rules, the adapter is received, it came in five! 1.01 ordered, 13.01 already received. The only thing I can say, it would be possible and a little more serious to pack such goods, and then put in a package-a navel, at least the whole everything came. Until I feel it, I'll cancel later.
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