GY-10016B-FPC-2.0 GY-10016B-FPC-01 Tablet-Computer med Touch-Skærm Håndskrift Screen touch-panel
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GY-10016B-FPC-2.0 GY-10016B-FPC-01 tablet-computer med touch-skærm skærmen for håndskrift

  • Model-Nummer: GY-10016B-FPC-2.0 GY-10016B-FPC-01
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)

Tags: rød sparkedragt hat blonder, sweatshirt cadillac, skjorter f mænd f 2019, stang mtb xc carbon, traktor enkelt åben, tokaido karate bælte, ring bære silver925, værelses lamper vintange, rtsp-kamera, fuld hd.

Functional touch only the problem is that the Polaroid Tablet you had to repair had a larger primary but the touch is fully functional great you could take advantage of without problem the blame is the Tablet brand that the touch was the right one but the design was theirs
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