30stk/pack alkalisk tørbatteri 12v 23A CA20 K23A L1028 23AE 21 A23 23GA ur batteri elektroniske legetøj disponibel batteri
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100% brand new ! 12V A23 23A Alkaline mercury-free battery with strong power; Each battery has full voltage, long life and quality assurance.Low self-discharge, longer storage time; Mercury-free alkaline battery, health and environmental protection; The production process does not contain harmful substances such as lead, cadmium and mercury, and adopts new energy technology, which is safe and pollution-free.Leak-proof technology, safe and durable.The appearance is made of stainless steel, with good sealing performance, longer lasting and stronger safety.Widely used: It is widely used in watches, flashlights, calculators, electronic gifts, electronic scales, computers, voice meters, ear hearing aids, electronic products, toys, cameras, instruments, medical appliances, flashing lights, immobilizers, remote controls, etc.

23A, 23AE, A23, E23A, V23GA, MN21, GP23A, LRV08, 8F10R, 8LR23, 8LR932, CA20, K23A, L1028, MS21, RVO8 or VR22 Model: L1028 A23 23A Chemistry: Alkaline Nominal Voltage: 12V Shelf Life: 5 Years Rechargeable: No(single use) Diameter: 10.5mm/0.19'' Height: 28.5mm/0.06'' 1. Please allow slight color deviation between the paper cards and the pictures shown. 2. Please keep battery out of reach of your children in case they swallow. 3. Please keep batteries in dry and cool place. 4. Do not recharge the cells or dispose off them in fire. 30 x L1028 A23 23A Batteries

  • Model-Nummer: 12V 23A
  • Størrelse: 10.5*28.5mm
  • Nominel Kapacitet: høj
  • Rechargeble: NO
  • Mærke: jiansu -
  • Diameter: 10.5
  • Bruger: toy, et ur, en barbermaskine, elektronisk ordbog
  • BRUGER 1: computer bundkort,hjemmet alarm system
  • Batteri Type: Alkaline Batteri
  • Meget: 28.5 MM

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