Japan for Professionelle Akvareller Blæk farve Kamæleon Vand Farver Solid Maling Kinesiske Pigmenter 6 farver Esumi Metal Perle Aurora
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Nu har vi mini sæt, disse mini sæt er stiklinger fra den oprindelige Store Maling, enkelt mini stykke størrelse er, 20mmx15mm, vi lover mini stykker er den samme som den oprindelige solid maling, vi aldrig tilføje noget til disse malinger, bare skære dem i små stykker.Tak skal du have.

Klik venligst på følgende link, hvis du har brug for mini-PP tilfældet for strømpe mini maling.

  • Oprindelse: JP(Oprindelse)
  • Emballage: Sæt
  • Alder: >3 ÅR
  • Model-Nummer: Boku-Fortryd
  • Type: Akvarel Maling
  • Maleri Medium: Papir

Tags: krom spejl maling, haiyore nyarukosan, male akvarel, officielle paul rubens, daniel smith, male akvarel, aurora borealis plakat, kamæleon pulver, holbein, winsor newton.

Trés bien!
I received the order, well, very quickly! Packed wonderful. Very interesting colors, that's what I wanted. In the style of grisal, what you need. To seller Thank you very much!
Martenn Ivan
It is necessary, of course, to look more carefully about the goods) was sure that this is a car, in the picture they are filled better. But it's a quarter of the cuvettes that are filled with less than half. The colors are slightly more than in the dot card, if you consider that the consumption will be average. But for the sample the most it! Mixed well, but the meaning in this is not, the colors themselves are complex and interesting, but with granulating paint look cool. If you take a lot of water, then the paint beautifully breaks up when drying, it's not very noticeable, but it looks better than a smooth color. And on cotton and on cellulose behaves well. Brown is the most pigmented, followed by yellow, they need much less than the rest. A good addition to the main set. The paint came fresh, in excellent condition, everything was tracked and reached very quickly.
Takaya Odnaya
Even though these painting pans are small they are great value. I am really enjoying using these, so much so that I haven’t been using my much more expensive paints! You can create really interesting paintings with just these 6 colours as each colour has many hues depending on how much water you use. I highly recommend!
Deller Masha
Everything arrived very well packed. As described and super fast. The inks are of excellent quality. One of the kits came moldy. I passed it under running water, the mold came out and did not change the watercolor. I am very satisfied. For samples I found the amount worthy for you to test and decide if you buy the palette.
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